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Cardi B’s Met Gala outfit took 35 people more than 2,000 hours to create

Cardi B tried to pull a Rihanna this year by arriving at the Met Gala in an unforgettable dress.   The 26-year-old rapper walked the Met Gala red carpet in a heavy red gown with a large train that required several men to carry around.   The oxblood gown was made by Thom Browne. It was made from tulle and silk organza and filled with down. The hand-embroidered dress was also decorated with 30,000 feathers. It took 35 people more than 2,000 hours to create.   Speaking about his creation, Thom Browne told Vogue: “‘I designed this dress for Cardi specifically because she …

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Nostril hair has become a new trend and people are getting thick nostril hair extensions as a result

Nostril hair has become a beauty trend that seems to be picking up. For years, men and women have been known to remove their nostril hair. But this new beauty trend sees people leaving their nostril hair to grow out. Some are even installing nostril hair extensions to give them fuller nostril hairs. The trend was first championed by Instagram user @gret_chen_chen. She attached false eyelashes to her nose to give the impression that she has long and full nostril hair. Others immediately began to copy her and it became a trend. This trend has now given rise to the tag #nosehairextensions. Below are …

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See The 2018 Nafest Beauty Queen’s On Display In Port Harcourt Gov. Nyesom Wike on Tuesday flagged off the 2018 National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFEST) amid pomp and ceremony at the Sharks Stadium, Port Harcourt. The theme of the 31st edition of the festival, which attracted 18 states of the federation including Rivers, is “Nigeria: Our Festivals, Our Heritage’’. Wike, dressed in beautiful Rivers Traditional Attire with a walking stick to match, said the festival would serve as a unifying force for Nigeria.

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Why you should think twice before sleeping with a woman with shanga

Despite the aesthetic value of shanga, these beads are also used to serve other purposes. You should pray that the woman you have and fancies shanga has adopted it solely for beauty reasons. There are women who confess using this special African beauty piece as love portion. One effect that the waist beads have on men is improving the sexiness of a woman. Men being visual animals, they easily fall in this trap. Moreover, those who cherish witchdoctors pay them a visit to get special waist beads. They attract men and no man leaves after sleeping with a woman who …

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