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Days after her hubby asked men not to marry women who can’t cook, Pastor Folu Adeboye urges women to teach their children how to cook

Wife of RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Folu Adeboye, has advised women to teach their children how to cook.


Two days ago, Pastor Adeboye stirred up a conversation on Twitter after he advised his sons not to marry any woman who cannot cook. Many interpreted his message to mean that it is imperative for a woman who intends to get married to learn how to cook. The clergyman did not state if it was also important for an intending husband to learn how to cook.


However, his wife, Foluke Adeboye, while preaching at a church programme on Wednesday February 19th advised women to ensure they teach their children which is male and female, how to cook. She stated that women should ensure they teach their children how to cook so they do not go about eating at restautants everyday of their live.

As anointed women, we must teach our children to cook, they can’t keep eating at a restaurant everyday of their live. Women teach your children to cook & eat at home, they can’t eat out all the time – Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye


Reacting to the tweet from the church programme quoting his wife, Pastor Adeboye shared a bible passage where it was stated that the woman rises up to give food to her household and assign tasks to her maid. See his tweet and that of his wife below..

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